stretchfix LT-3110

For tire dealers and logistics service providers fast, cost-efficient, and guideline compliant packaging is crucial for success. The stretchfix LT-3110, with an automatic driven turning table lets you profit from the easy operation and the low-priced use of stretch film.

With the stretchfix LT-3110 environmental protection and cost-optimization of your packaging process go hand in hand. The machine is adjustable to variable tire diameters and has the option to either wrap tires up partially or completely. Thereby a customer specific packaging solution with minimal resource consumption can be realised. Furthermore, as packaging material customary cost-efficient stretch foil is used. By insertion of further products, like accessories, into the interior of the tire package, multi-part packages can be realised for an even higher resource-efficiency.

Completely wrapped tires are offering an optimal protection against transport damages or dirtying. To protect already mounted rims, cardboard discs can be wrapped into the package.

strechfix LT-3110

stretchfix LT-3410

The stretchfix LT-3410 is the perfect entry in the packaging of tires. Thanks to its compact build the machine is perfect as mobile, cost-efficient, and fast solution for small quantities. The proven design guarantees extreme robustness and reliability.

Through bolting the LT-3410 onto a workbench you can easily transform it into a fix packaging station. The ball bearing turning table enables a comfortable wrapping of tires up to a maximal tire width of 520mm.

The stretchfix LT-3415 comes with an elevating platform. The platform is the perfect addition for mobile usage. The working height can be easily adjusted to individual preference for a ergonomic working experience.

stretchfix LT-3410
stretchfix LT-3415 with elevation platform
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